Treat this little workout as a reverse Pyramid system:
First lap = 1 minute of each exercise
Second lap = 45 seconds of each exercise
Third lap = 30 seconds of each exercise

Then repeat in reverse order to make it harder.

Alternate V sits

Start led on your back with both arms out straight behind you and both legs out straight on the floor. Raise one leg off the floor and touch your shin with both hands. Return the arms and leg to the floor and then repeat with the other leg.

Keeping one foot on the floor the whole time is better for the lower back!

Spider-man Plank

Lie on your front in a plank position (elbows). Bring one foot at a time, off floor and up towards the elbow. Alternate the legs and remember to keep the bum down.

Dorsal Raise

One of the best exercises to strengthen your lower back. Lie on your front and slowly arch your chest off the floor. Keep your hands placed under your chin and try not to throw yourself up.

Take your time!


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