Belly Blaster!!!

Aim to complete 2 to 3 laps and don’t forget to stretch before and after!

Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds

Starting in a straight arm plank position, with speed, bring one knee up to your chest at a time, keeping the front foot off the floor – Like a running motion. Remember to breath!

Flutter kicks – 30 seconds

Lying on your back, with your head off the floor and looking at your feet, slowly raise both feet 6 inches off the floor and begin to kick your legs . Ensure that the legs stay straight the whole time. Place your hands under your bum if you feel your lower back arching.

Vertical crunch – 20 reps

Lying on the floor, put both legs up as straight as you can in a vertical position. Leaving your legs in the air the whole time, begin to squeeze your shoulders towards your knees. Try not to throw your head forwards. Look up at the ceiling to keep your neck straight.

Straight arm Plank – 30 – 60 seconds

Start on the floor. Put your hands face down, shoulder width apart. Keep your legs out straight and lift your body so that everything is off the floor apart from your toes and your hands. For an easier alternative, drop your knees on the floor but keep your hips down low.


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Copyright The Fitness Formula 2020