Beast The Booty!

It’s time to target an area which so many of you would love to focus on… the bum (otherwise known as the Glutes).

This is vital for both men and women, who do not just want to change their shape, but to improve their performance for exercises like squats and lunges (if you are already a gym user).

Try 3 sets of 12-15 reps for each exercise.

Make sure you do a light cardio warm up first and stretch at the end.

Hip extensions

Start led on your back with your legs bent and shoulders flat on the floor. Lift your hips off the floor as high as you can and squeeze your bum at the top. Hold for a couple of seconds and then lower down to the floor. Repeat.

Squats or Bench squats

If you are new to squats, stand with a bench or chair just behind you and lower your bum down to the surface. Keep your arms out in front for balance and try to keep your knees behind your toes. Always look forward and keep your back as straight as possible. If you have squatted before, you will not need a bench or chair. Try holding a weight against your chest to make it tougher.

Lunges or Side lunges if weak knees

Only do a normal lunge if you have NO issues with your knees. We train so many people here who can’t do forward lunges because of weakness in their knees. Not an issue. Try a side lunge instead. Either way, keep your chest up straight and engage your core (suck it in and tense your stomach). Again, try this with weights to make it toughe


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